Welcome to Belscan Continental

Belscan was created in 1986. We started with selling PE aprons from and in the UK but quickly enlarged our product line to the full Disposable Personnel Protective Equipment, imported from the Far East.

Since, we have a stable long term relationship with our suppliers and aim the same with our customers.

Our goal is to deliver quality products at a competitive price. Therefore we undertake a permanent quality control of our products, work only with BSCI licensed suppliers, accredited with all the necessary certificates.

Being part of the Distrifund Group, we can rely on the knowledge of our sister company Erard NV to add the microfiber cleaning products to our assortment.

Computer-controlled warehousing (10000m2), 300m2 of showroom, most experienced in regulations, IFS and BSCI labelled, experienced staff and financial strength of the Distrifund Group allows Belscan to look for new ambitions.

In the Distrifund Group we all share the same device: Efficiency through Synergy!